Top 10 Hottest Restaurants in Thailand

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It’s no doubt that Thailand is a vacation paradise. And what is at the center of every perfect vacation? The food, of course! Fear not - Thailand is in no shortage of good food. Whether it’s to help visitors wade through the many dining options or to help locals discover new places, EZTABLE has prepared the 10 hottest spots to eat in Thailand.

1. OISHI Grand

Credit: OISHI Grand

OISHI Grand, in its own words, is “the grand buffet for your grand impression.” And what a grand impression it makes indeed. Hamachi sashimi fish, New Zealand meat, and Haagen-Daz ice cream are just a few of the choices amongst the endless sea of options at this Japanese buffet. OISHI wows audiences its distinctive and luxurious dining experience, an impressive feat for buffets. At the price per head of 789 baht, it’s a steal for foodies to indulge their craziest Japanese food whims.

2. Above Eleven

Credit: Above Eleven

For adventurous eaters who are always on the lookout for something new. Above Eleven takes pride in being the first rooftop Peruvian-Japanese restaurant in South East Asia. The decor is just electic as the food: custom-designed structural trees, a maze in the entrance era, even the bathrooms are observatories of Bangkok’s skyline! Due to a high Japanese population in Peru, Peruvian-Japanese is one of the fastest growing fusion categories, and Above Eleven is one of the pioneers. Dishes center on Nikkei cuisine, and most dishes are served in small tapas portions so guests can experience the range of  flavors and styles offered in the menu.


Credit: Onesoul Life

Gaggan, head chef and owner of the restaurant bearing the same name, labels his food as progressive Indian cuisine. Inspired by seasonal ingredients and India's different regions, Gaggan’s creations employ innovative use of molecular technology to breathe new life into classic Indian dishes. Expect to sample delicacies from all over India in a full, decadent multi-course meal. The Big Mango, a dish combined from freeze dried and powdered mango, is just one of the many headliners at this restaurant.

4. Sirocco

Credit: Sirocco

A stunning overview of Bangkok skyline and Chao Phraya river is just the beginning of the Sirocco experience. Guests find themselves enamored with the authentic Mediterranean fare beautifully crafted from the freshest ingredients that the world's finest markets have to offer. Chef de Cuisine Gonzalo Ruiz has decades of gastronomic experience working at starred restaurants and hotels across Europe and Asia. Diners will be thrilled to taste Sirocco’s exclusive ingredients for the first time, many of which have never been seen in Bangkok before!

5. Takumi

Credit: 10 Best

If one had to eat a buffet, most would agree that Japanese buffets would be the best bang for the buck. After all, expensive sashimi and seafood add up quickly. Takumi’s buffet menu boasts over 80 items and covers a broad range from hand rolls to chicken cutlets. Located inside Swissotel, the quality of the food and service is consistent with the hotel’s high standards. Be sure to leave room at the end for the signature milk and cheese pudding - a must try even for those who aren’t big lovers of diary!

6. Vertigo

Credit: Vertigo

Dine with the rest of Bangkok at your feet. Literally.Vertigo offers an al fresco dining experience set atop a roof terrace overlooking the glittering cityscape of Bangkok – a grill-and-bar experience that is Asia's first. Immerse yourself in the city's vast skyline as you feast on fork-tender seafood and premium steaks. 61 floors above the city, Moon Bar is a great place to unwind with a good drink, such as the classic Vertigo Sunset- a melody of pineapple, cranberry and lime juices blended with just the right amount of Malibu.

7. The World

Credit: The World

Located at The World-Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre, a glamorous view of the city and attentive service is bound to be part of the dining experience at The World. The wide selection - encompassing a mix of  French, Japanese, Indian and Chinese cuisines - will please even the pickiest of palates. Watch the craftsmanship of the chefs through the open kitchen, then sample delicacies from the sushi bar and French dessert buffet. Perfect for people who want to try a little bit of everything!

8. Le Normandie

Credit: At-Bangkok

One of the classiest restaurants in Thailand. Travel back to the renaissance of the French bourgeoisie and their way of life with this riverside restaurant. Savor classic French dishes with a modern twist to the sound of River of Kings running next to you. Le Normandie serves up drool-worthy foie gras and roasted Sisteron rack of lamb, and gives restaurants in Paris a run for their money. While dinner is a pricey splurge, lunch set is a phenomenal deal for 1050 baht.

9. Water Library Chamchuri

Credit: At-Bangkok

What is a water library anyway? Diners will find out after an unforgettable meal at Water Library Chamchuri. Instead of collecting books, Water Library Chamchuri carries an impressive collection of water, which is put on a dazzling display. The water bar aspect is as central to the establishment’s identity as its creative fusion dishes. The cold capellini with wakame and Tasmanian abalone is a stunner. Thinly sliced abalone, topped with a Japanese touch of wakame-flavored caviar and truffle oil? Mmm.

10. Issaya Siamese Club

Credit: Bangkok 101

Set in an historical 100-year-old Thai villa, Issaya serves up some of the finest Thai cuisine in the world and placed in Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list. While tropical gardens outside give a hip garden party vibe, the inside is a piece of classic Siam. Experience Chef Ian Kittichai’s internationally renowned Thai cuisine and style, such as his  Jasmine Flower Flan. After a satisfying meal, take a stroll down the chef’s garden, which supplies fresh ingredients for the restaurant!